To Carve Your Own Path




Carve Your Own Path is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization in Akron, OH. We are dedicated to providing educations, counseling, consultation and supervision for the community and professionals on current behavioral health concerns. Using our own life experiences as inspiration and guidance, as well as incorporating current evidence-based information for holistic wellness, we aim to empower others to carve their own paths in life.



We at Carve Your Own Path believe everyone has the ability to work toward their goals and aspirations. This is why we work passionately, encouraging them to utilize new coping skills and problem-solving strategies to remove any barriers in their way. Wellness is within reach for everyone and we strive to help you carve your path to that wellness.



"Experiences as a provider of integrated care in primary care offices, I have seen the true benefits of having access to holistic wellness services in ONE SETTING" ~Amanda Kostura LISW S

By placing a mental health provider in a non-mental health setting, the doors open for more people (maybe even you!) to access services they would have otherwise felt ashamed or embarrassed to utilize. Change and true happiness are possible, you just have to take that first step. We make it that much easier by tearing down the barriers of access to care and removing the stigma.

As we ourselves grow, carving our own path, we will continue with our forward thinking approach. Engaging in the community through active blogs of experience and awareness, future wellness events, training and anything the opportunity of education and wellness offer us in the future. We envision a world where mental health and physical health are always talked about together in conversations, without hesitation.

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