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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal human experience which activates in response to stress, whether the stressor is real or perceived. Anxiety can be helpful for helping us pay attention, prepare for something and motivating us to work toward accomplishing a goal or task. If you're feeling anxious, there is nothing wrong with you! Your body is trying to protect itself in the most primal way it knows how.


Anxiety can become unhelpful and disruptive to daily life when it goes into overdrive, perceiving everything in our environment as a threat. This can lead to excessive worry, feeling on edge/tense, difficulty concentrating, excessive fatigue, sleep problems. 


As we know from research on the stress-disease connection, our bodies cannot thrive in a constant state of stress. If anxiety symptoms go untreated, it can lead to anxiety disorders such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, or Social Anxiety Disorder, and even physical health conditions such as chest pains, sweating, feeling dizzy, stomach pains, and heart palpitations. 

How can we help with Anxiety?

Our holistic approach in both counseling and wellness services, such as reiki and yoga, focuses on integrating the mind and body into one. We will assist you in training your brain and body to notice anxiety in your body, validating that response as necessary for survival, and allowing the symptoms to pass without trying to remove the innate need for self-preservation. Your provider will equip you with knowledge and coping skills for you to carry forth into your daily life for optimal healing and functioning.

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Would you like more information about which services may be the best fit for your anxiety? Contact us today to further discuss your unique situation and explore options!

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