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What is Depression?

Experiencing a depressed mood at any point in life can be a typical response of the challenges we face, especially when we feel disappointed, or are grieving a loss. We’ve often been taught to suppress uncomfortable feelings such as this, for the comfort of others. 


Ongoing suppression of our natural emotional expression in response to our environment, can cause a buildup of uncomfortable emotions. Depression can manifest into a disorder when it significantly interferes with our ability to complete tasks of our daily life. 


Symptoms of depression include, but are not limited to, feeling sad, appetite changes, lack of energy, difficulty thinking/concentrating, no longer having interest in things you enjoy, and thoughts of self-harm or suicide. 

How can we help with Depression?

Depression symptoms are often rooted in a dissatisfaction with one or more areas of life, a disconnect between values and actions, internalized guilt and/or shame, and/or a history of traumatic experiences. However, many folks experiencing depression cannot identify or vocalize the core of their symptoms. Utilizing a specialized practice, such as art therapy or embodied therapy, can encourage deeper rooted sources of depressed mood to come to the surface for processing and healing. Receiving reiki energy healing can unclog energetic blockages, allowing space for insight development into the challenges contributing to the surface mood. 

Image by Hassan Vakil

Would you like more information about which services may be the best fit for your depression? Contact us today to further discuss your unique situation and explore options!

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