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Grief and Loss

What is an Grief?


Grief is identified as 


An Adjustment Disorder can manifest when someone is unable to process and cope with the range of emotions associated with a change that causes distress. Anxious or depressed moods and symptoms, as well as some disturbances in our behaviors or relationships present. These symptoms tend to resolve once the initial stressor is eliminated, and/or a new coping method is successfully implemented to manage the symptoms.

How can we help with life adjustments and transitions?

Our holistic approach in both counseling and wellness services, such as reiki and yoga, focuses on integrating the mind and body into one. We will assist you in understanding the the normal feelings and emotions that arise throughout life transitions and developmental stages. Art Therapy can allow you to express the feelings that you are having a hard time verbalizing. Embodied Therapy can support the integration of mental processes and physical manifestations of normal stress associated with change. You don't have to walk through the journey of life alone.

Would you like more information about which services may be the best fit during a time of transition for you or your teen? Contact us today to further discuss your unique situation and explore options!

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