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LGBTQ+ Support Needs

Gender-Affirming Care


Our practice and each one of our providers are committed to continuous openness and lifelong commitment to learning how to best provide affirming care. We focus on providing current, evidence-based gender-affirming care practices to increase safety, support autonomy, and decrease barriers for LGBTQ+ folks seeking mental health and wellness services.

We are always learning from the unique paths our clients have walked. Please do not hesitate to provide us feedback on how we can improve our care, facility, and/or policies to be inclusive and supportive of your needs.

Gender-Affirming Surgery Letters

We support our client's right to bodily autonomy, and feeling comfortable and happy in their bodies. If you are seeking a gender-affirming surgery, and have been asked for a letter from a mental health provider as a part of this process, we are here to support you. 


Carve Your Own Path cannot provide supportive documentation without an established professional working relationship between clinician and client. 

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