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Re-framing Uncertainty to Clarity through Mindfulness and Gratitude

Given the recent health recommendations from the CDC in the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), it can be a difficult time for those already having difficulty managing mental health symptoms. Many are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, nervous, fearful and many more symptoms, which depending on severity and method of coping, can be debilitating.

Some may have been suffering from seasonal depression and were looking forward to their minds feeling a little lighter and joyful this Spring, but are now unable to do so. Others may have been doing well managing their worry thoughts about everyday life, but now they are back to being uncontrollable and interfering with daily life.

Although most of us can logically understand the benefits of “flattening the curve”, our survival part of our brain and our mental health conditions do not function off that same logic. That is, until we teach them to.