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Telehealth Tips for Successful Therapy Sessions

Telehealth therapy sessions are comparable to in-office sessions, however there are some important points Carve Your Own Path, Inc. wants to be sure you aware of in order to help you have the most successful session possible:

✦   Please ensure you have a safe, private, quiet and confidential space to be present in for the entire duration of your session. It is highly recommended to wear headphones to better protect your privacy.

✦   Notify your family members/roommates that you will be in a meeting for the next hour so they can give you appropriate space without interruptions.

✦   Give yourself plenty of time to transition from therapy to your next task/appointment.

✦   Check your internet speed/connection to ensure best quality of your session.

✦   Be prepared with a full-battery and have a charger handy for your device in case of battery loss mid-session.

✦   Set yourself up for success with tissues, water, notebook, fidget toys, etc. nearby if needed throughout the session.

✦   Notify your therapist if you have any concerns about your telehealth therapy sessions, and feel free to ask for any reasonable accommodations you require.

✦   Please treat your sessions as a professional appointment. It is not appropriate to use the restroom, be driving, talk to others, cook dinner, etc. during our sessions. Please remain stationary and present in the session.

~We wish you the best on your virtual healing journey!~

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