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What is Trauma?


Trauma is a normal, automatic, emotional response to an abnormal event. Such events include, but are not limited to, a serious accident, crime, combat, natural disaster, and sexual assault. Trauma responses are biologically adaptive, to protect us from harm and increase chances of survival. 


The trauma response can present with symptoms experienced immediately after a traumatic event including shock and denial. After some time, a person may develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder through presentation of other symptoms including, overwhelming/fluctuating emotions, flashbacks, recurrent dreams/nightmares, avoidance of activities/people/places which remind them of the event, relationship challenges, sleep disruption, concentration/memory issues, and physical pain.

For someone who may have prolonged or repeated trauma, (traumatic upbringings/relationships with caregivers and/or romantic partners, systemic oppression, etc.), they may find themselves experiencing Complex PTSD. 


Our bodies can become "stuck" in a trauma response, perceiving threat and danger everywhere, despite the fact the danger has already passed. Sustaining a satisfactory, comfortable, and rewarding life can feel quite challenging for those whom are battling daily, automatic, trauma responses. 

How can we help with Trauma?

Our holistic approach in both counseling and wellness services, such as reiki and yoga, focuses on integrating the mind and body into one. We will assist you in understanding the automatic responses happening in your own body through the sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight-freeze), and teach you how to engage your parasympathetic nervous system (rest-digest) to relax the body and facilitate healing of traumatic memories encoded in our brains and body. Each provider offers a unique approach to healing these deep wounds - from gentle poses and breath work with Embodied Therapy, to creative expression and processing with Art Therapy, and Inner Child healing activities - there is an approach that fits your needs.

Image by Louis Galvez

Would you like more information about which services may be the best fit in your trauma healing journey? Contact us today to further discuss your unique situation and explore options!

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